Let the Train Take the Strain

February 3, 2012

MBTA Commuter RailCommuting from the South Shore into Greater Boston by car isn’t that much fun. That is a fact. Every morning, thousands of people get into their vehicles and start their engines in a daily routine that will soon involve sitting in traffic. Every evening, they will get back into their automobiles and drive back home, crawling their way through the same congestion that started their day. 

Of course, if an individual wants to spend their time behind the steering wheel, that is entirely up to them but the residents of SouthField have an alternative. The popular master-planned development on the South Shore is intended to be a commute-ity; a place to call home without the added hassle of the daily commute. Despite still being in the early stages of construction, SouthField already has an MBTA commuter rail station on site that is only two stops – or thirty minutes – away from South Station during peak commuting times. 

The South Weymouth MBTA Commuter Rail station sits on the Kingston/Plymouth branch of the Old Colony Railroad Lines, designed to relieve congestion on the main highways into Boston.

Travelling into Boston on a weekday, South Weymouth offers six trains in the morning, starting at 5:55 a.m. and six in the afternoon with the last journey scheduled for 9:21 p.m. On the way back, there are three trains in the morning and nine in the afternoon, with the last train departing South Station at 10:45 p.m.

During the weekends there are eight trains going in both directions, starting at 7:18 a.m. from South Weymouth and running until 10:18 p.m. From South Station, the trains run from 8:05 a.m. until 10:40 p.m., which is perfect if you have tickets to see the Bruins play and easily achievable if you venture out to Fenway Park or head to the theater.

South Station is in the heart of the Financial District, is also served by the Red Line and has a direct link to Logan Airport, making business (or holiday) travel a lot easier to schedule without the fear of being stuck in traffic on I-93.

The Commuter Rail system has had it’s doubters over the years but all trains are now equipped with on-board Wi-Fi and airline style seating – without the reclining option or the in-flight movie!

Each of the stations, including South Weymouth, has dedicated parking areas so that commuters can leave their car during the day before returning in the evening.

Of course, homeowners at SouthField, don’t have to worry about parking their cars. Homes for sale and apartments for rent are just a short stroll from the station, with residents who live in its first neighborhood, SouthField Highlands, able to walk to the station in just five to ten minutes.

The choice is yours. Sit in traffic with your coffee in a cup-holder for an unspecified amount of time, or sit on a train for thirty minutes passing while posting on Facebook or reading a great new book on your iPad!

While sipping your coffee and catching up on all the morning news, starting your day with no possibility of road rage.

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